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Marcopolo Bus Retarder Controller

Marcopolo Bus Retarder Controller

Name: Marcopolo Bus Retarder Controller
Quality: OEM quality
Brands: TELMA
Loading Port: Xiamen port
Place of Origin: China
Brand:Yutong, Kinglong, Higer, Golden Dragon all available
Payment terms: T/T


Marcopolo Bus Retarder Controller

Product Details                           


Marcopolo Bus Retarder Controller

1)  Quick Details:

Name: Marcopolo Bus Retarder Controller

Quality: OEM quality

Brands: TELMA

Loading Port: Xiamen port

Place of Origin: China

Brand:Yutong, Kinglong, Higer, Golden Dragon all available

Payment terms: T/T 

2) Specifications

MOQ: 20pcs 

Supply Ability: 1000 pcs/ month

Applicable: Buses, Coaches, Trucks

Payment terms:  T/T

Delivery Terms: 22 days upon receiving stipulated down payment

3) Package and delivery details

Packing: hard carton packing 

Delivery Terms: FOB/CFR/CIF

For Trial Order: By Air

For Urgent orders: By Air

For Bulk Orders: By SEA

The control part includes


Hand control switch, foot control switch, relay box, ABS coupler and so on.

(1) Manual switch is used for deceleration at long distances and downhill slopes. It is installed near the driver for easy operation by the driver. The switch is divided into 4 gears, which are respectively shifted to 1, 2, 3, and 4 gears. By controlling the 1, 2, 3, and 4 relays to absorb and increase the number of coils that work, the brake torque is increased step by step.

(2) The footswitch is mounted on the chassis and is connected to the brake cylinder of the front brake cylinder of the master cylinder using a gas pipe. The foot control switch is used to control the retarder to work automatically. As the brake air pressure increases gradually, four pressure sensors are connected in turn to increase the braking torque step by step. When the service brake is active, the stator winding coils are all in operation.

(3) The relay box is installed close to the retarder to shorten the length of the wiring and reduce the loss. There are 4 high-current relays in the relay box to provide each set of 35A current for the stator winding coil.

(4) The ABS coupler is installed in the electrical control box. It automatically determines the work of the retarder according to the driving state of the bus, including signal input connectors such as ABS control signal, ABS indicator signal, odometer signal, foot control switch signal, and manual control switch signal. When ABS detects a wheel slip, it immediately cuts off the retarder and stops it. After the end of the slip, it increases the retarder braking torque step by step. It always keeps the retarder torque under the support of the road; when the speed is low At 3km/h, cut off the foot control function to avoid unnecessary current consumption; when ABS detects a fault, it will cut off the foot control function but still retain the manual control function to ensure driving safety.

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We are an actual seller located in Xiamen city, China. We will offer you the right parts with right prices, and you are accessible to the following: 

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Xiamen Eco Import and Export Co., Ltd is an actual auto parts expert striving for excellence in customer service. We are specializing in supplying original bus spare parts for city buses and coaches, especially for buses brand Kinglong, GOLden Dragon, Higer, and Yutong.

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Located in the convenient and thriving city, Xiamen, Xiamen ECO is one of the leading marcopolo bus retarder controller manufacturers in China. Catering to customers' requirement, we also deal with customized business. With quantity of products in stock, welcome to buy discount marcopolo bus retarder controller with us.
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