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Belt Tensioner Pulley for Bus

Belt Tensioner Pulley for Bus

Name: Belt Tensioner Pulley For Bus
Size: standard size
Type: Belt tensioner
Car Make: Bus, Coach, Truck
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 50 pcs


Belt Tensioner Pulley For Bus

Product Details横线.pngBelt Tensioner Pulley For Bus

1) Quick details

Name: Belt Tensioner Pulley For Bus

Size: standard size

Type: Belt tensioner

Car Make: Bus, Coach,  Truck

Place of Origin: China

MOQ: 50 pcs 

2) Specifications 

* MOQ: 50 pcs   

*Supply Ability: 1000 pcs/ month

* Payment terms: T/T 

* Type of Packing: hard carton 

* Delivery: 23 days upon receiving stipulated down payment

* Applicable: bus, coach,  truck


3) Package and shipment

Loading Port: Xiamen Port 

Packing details:Carton

For Trial Order: By Air

For Urgent orders: By Air

For Bulk Orders: By SEA

Belt Tensioner Checks


Check the movement of the tensioner arm with the engine off. Use a socket with a long handle ratchet or breaker bar on the tensioner pulley center bolt to rotate the tensioner. There are no specifications for measuring the amount of resistance offered by the tensioner spring, but if the tensioner offers little resistance it may indicate a weak or broken spring. If it fails to move at all, the tensioner is jammed and needs to be replaced.

Watch for looseness in the arm when the tensioner is rotated. The arm should not wobble or twist. If it does, the tensioner bearings are worn and the unit needs to be replaced.

Also note the position of the arm on the automatic tensioner. Many units have marks on the housing that show the normal range the arm can pivot. If the position of the arm is outside these marks, it indicates a problem (the belt may be too long or too short, or the tensioner may be jammed).

Note the wear pattern on the tensioner and idler pulley(s). Misalignment and bearing wear can cause the belt to track off-center. This will cause the belt to wear quickly. The tensioner and idler pulley bearings can be checked by removing the belt and spinning the pulleys by hand. All pulleys should turn freely with no binding, roughness or wobble. Any binding, roughness or wobble means these parts are bad and need to be replaced.

Pulley alignment should also be checked to make sure there isn't a mounting problem in the belt drive system. Pulley alignment can be checked by placing a straight edge against the pulleys, or with a special laser alignment tool designed for this purpose. Any side abrasion on a belt usually indicates there is misalignment in the system. It must be found and corrected before installing a new belt.

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We are an actual seller located in Xiamen city, China. We will offer you the right parts with right prices, and you are accessible to the following: 

1.Good quality and excellent service, reasonable price

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4.We have More than 10 years bus parts supplying experience in Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, North America, Middle east.Selling products to more than 30 countries in the world.

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Xiamen Eco Import and Export Co., Ltd is an actual auto parts expert striving for excellence in customer service. We are specializing in supplying original bus spare parts for city buses and coaches, especially for buses brand Kinglong, GOLden Dragon, Higer, and Yutong.

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Located in the convenient and thriving city, Xiamen, Xiamen ECO is one of the leading belt tensioner pulley for bus manufacturers in China. Catering to customers' requirement, we also deal with customized business. With quantity of products in stock, welcome to buy discount belt tensioner pulley for bus with us.
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